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10 Thoughtful and Healthy Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

No gift ever measures up to the love, support, and care they give us all year long, but it’s always worth a try

As seen in Metro Style, May 12, 2023

It’s Mother’s Day again, a time to show our moms and mother figures how much we appreciate them. No gift ever measures up to the love, support, and care they give us all year long, but it’s always worth a try! 

Moms play a huge role in caring for the whole family: nurturing, guiding and supporting us, and teaching us to be healthy and care for ourselves as we grow into our own lives. A thoughtful gift or gesture can show your mom that you value her wellbeing too. With the growing awareness of the importance of health, wellness and self-care, sharing your best practices with your mom and encouraging healthy habits can help her feel her best physically and mentally too.

Here are some activities and gifts that can help your mom stay healthy and cultivate a healthy lifestyle long after Mother's Day is over.


Spa day

Sure, we know being a mom can be busy and stressful. But we also know that reducing stress goes a long way for health, especially heart health, immune health, mental health, and preventing chronic illnesses. Plus, who doesn’t love a little relaxation? Give the gift of some time for pampering and relaxation—massages can reduce muscle tension, pain, and improve sleep and circulation. And even getting a mani-pedi can be a relaxing way to just sit down and be taken care of.

Better sleep

Give your mom’s energy levels a boost by helping her level up her sleep game. Sleep is another crucial part of health, and between all her responsibilities, it can be a game changer to have enough energy to do it all. There are many new accessories that can support better sleep: new pillows, comfy bed sheets, and new pajamas can be super comfy and luxurious. Things like weighted blankets, white noise machines, blackout sleep masks, and lavender-scented aromatherapy can also help to improve the quality of sleep for even better, and more restorative rest.

A break

What mom wouldn’t love to have some of her responsibilities taken off of her plate? If your mom just wants a quiet day to herself or help with some of her usual tasks, get your family organized to give her some peace and quiet and a little extra time to not have to be a mom! Ask for her to-do list and see if there’s any repairs or errands you can take care of. 


Cook together

If your mom has a favorite dish or restaurant, learning to cook it at home can be a fun way to spend some time together that also supports her health. Cooking at home usually means a version with better quality ingredients, and less fat, oil, or sugar. Familiarity in the kitchen can mean healthier eating overall too and is correlated with better health outcomes.

Healthy snack basket

Put together some of your favorite healthy foods and ingredients and share them with your mom. You can add a mix of sweets like dark chocolate and cacao, low sugar granola, and fresh or dried fruits, and savory options like nuts or seeds, veggies or veggie chips, whole grains, and even herbs, spices, and seasonings. Knowing how to shop and trying new foods also supports healthy eating habits.

Kitchen appliances or pretty tableware

If your mom has been wanting to cook healthier at home, having the right appliances or nice pots, pans, plates, and utensils makes it a much more enjoyable process. Investing in some quality equipment can mean you’re more likely to actually use them. And who doesn’t love a nice table setting to make eating at home feel more special?


Work out together

It can be hard to find time to move, so make time and treat your mom to your favorite, fun workout class this Sunday. It can be less intimidating to go with a buddy and get familiar with new activities. Better yet, stay healthy together and commit to keeping an active routine you both enjoy. You can try something new, or something old that she’s been wanting to get back into. From dance, pilates, yoga, and walking, to running, sports, weight lifting, boxing, and cycling, there’s something for every level and every lifestyle.

Fun workout gear

There’s tons of fitness-related things at every budget that make great gifts. Maybe your mom could use some new workout clothes, or light workout equipment like hand weights or resistance bands, a yoga mat, an insulated water bottle, or wireless headphones. Having some equipment on hand makes it easier to get into movement and turn it into an active lifestyle.


A weekend trip

Organize a trip away for some extra one-on-one quality time with your mom. Visiting new places and having new experiences is a way to keep the mind healthy and flexible, reduce stress, and can inspire some creativity. Visit a place where you can try new healthy foods, spend time in nature, or walk around and learn more about the world. And the quality time together and building strong relationships is a crucial part of health too.

Comfy walking shoes

While walking may not be the most accessible here at home, going somewhere walkable is an easy way to stay active on vacation. Walking promotes both physical and mental wellbeing, and gives you a chance to get to know a place better, too. Get your mom the right footwear to keep her comfy and stylish on her trips so she can stay active and travel way into her older years.


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