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Image by Dennis Klein


Yes, you can still have donuts, chocolate, and gummy bears!

I believe that all the foods you love belong in your diet, and no, not only on “cheat days.” Together, we find the balance between fuel and fun that makes you happy while still meeting your health goals. Forget fad diets and finally find a way to eat for the rest of your life.

The First Session

The journey begins with a deep dive into everything you: your medical history, diet and eating behaviors, lifestyle, etc. We discuss your goals and challenges for nutrition and beyond. We may begin setting small, attainable goals, or get you ready for them.

Follow-up Sessions

In these sessions, we focus on your goals. I give you the the support, education, and accountability you need so you can focus on your new habits. We monitor your progress, adjust your plan, crush challenges, and set new, small, attainable goals. Your new habits become part of the new, better you!

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